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3/10/12 10:52 pm

i don't want to waste anymore time caring about people that actually mean nothing to me. i wish i was in a relationship where something can progress, but it will never happen because i have something else planned in mind compared to him. it probably is the age thing. god, i'm wasting so much time. all these people can only temporarily make me happy, but by the end of the day, i feel nothing, nothing for these people cause they make no difference to my life. that's what scares me the most. i don't want to grow up like this. i don't want this cycle of temporary happiness. nineteen years of my life yet i haven't found anyone to be "my person".

i feel lonely.

1/12/11 03:55 pm - sup LJ?

Wow, my past entries are just me being angry at... everything. Now it's all good. Life has been good to me. My boyfriend makes me happy. I haven't been this happy in a very long time. Hope all is swell with everyone :]

7/8/10 03:53 pm - NARSHA: Bbi-Ri-Bop-A (COVER)

check it out :]

7/3/10 11:37 pm

Don't start shit with me when you know that I haven't talked to you in months. Shut up. Don't even talk to me. Go away you annoying piece of crap.

6/5/10 10:06 pm - shopping spreeeeeee and...

my mom bought me so much clothes today... it's unbelievable. usually she'd only buy me like one shirt or something. and and and i got myself a gym membership. i only paid for the registration fee and the monthly payment is on my mom, whoo! going to the gym EVERYDAY so i can lose 10 lbs XD

i'm beat; 8 hours of shopping is D:

6/4/10 09:23 pm - THAT'S ME

someone messaged me on youtube and asked me if it was me in the picture... and it was me O _ O


i remember completely! that was when i was in line for 9 hours for the versailles concert in 2008. a very good find ma'am, very good find :'D

6/1/10 11:35 pm - 4minute & SNSD

While in California, I went to Koreatown! I wanted to buy so many cd's, but I just decided on posters instead. Now I have a HUGE SNSD poster in my room and a really hawt 4minute poster ;]<3

Bad quality! And the flash totally ruined it... covered up Hyuna's amazing abs ; _ ;
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5/17/10 09:59 pm - ayo

fuck the wonder girls
4minute comeback!

5/14/10 01:20 pm - no more

no more sunny
no more yuri
no more hyuna

ESPECIALLY HYUNA! i'm so sad. she's one of the reasons i watch invincible youth and now she's gonna be gone. the fact that yuri and sunny are gone too, soshisubs won't sub the episodes anymore.

my favorite show down the hill...

4/22/10 11:05 am - new yorrrrrrk

Today's take your child to work day, but my mom was nice enough to let me just go to New York instead. It's actually my first time going there by myself... which is really great. No one's following me around, and I can go to places I wanna go. Of course everyone knows where I'm gonna go :D Koreatown, Chinatown, and Kinokuniya and and and endless wandering around hah. Off I go~
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